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This U-Part Wig was made with:


-200 grams (2 bundles) of 100% Authentic Raw Straight, Virgin Bodywave, or Virgin Deep Water Wave Hair.

- Five (5) attached hair combs. 

- All tracks are sewn on.

- Adjustable elastic band sewn onto wig.

-The Natural Density U-Part Wig is a more "Natural Looking" density compared to the  "Glam Density" U-Part Wig.

- If you choose two different hair lenghts it will give you soft layers when styled.

-Come in Sizes :Small-21.25, Medium-22.83, Large-24.40


How is this Hair Bundle processed?:


- High-End Hair.

-Cut from donor directly.

-Chemically Unprocessed.


Raw Hair Bundles (Straight)

  • Comes from one (1) Chinese donor or multiple "single" donors sewn into one bundle.

  • Quality Single Drawn hair.

  • 100% Full & Aligned Cuticles.
  • 100% Chemically Unprocessed.
  • No Steam Method used.
  • Natural Color (Around #1b).
  • Can be bleached to 613 (and #60).
  • Weight: 200 grams.


Virgin Hair Bundles (Bodywave, Deep Water Wave)

  • Comes from one (1) Chinese donor or multiple "single" donors sewn into one bundle.

  • Quality Single Drawn hair.
  • 100% Full & Aligned Cuticles.
  • 100% Chemically Unprocessed.
  • Steam Method used to create wave/curl pattern.
  • Natural Color (Around #1b)
  • Can be bleached to 613 (and #60)




U.S Shipping!

International Shipping is Available!'s processing takes est. 5 Business Days to complete before shipping products

est. 3-8 Business Days Shipping Time with Tracking Number

Natural Density U-Part Wig

  • Closures/Frontals/Wigs/Velcro Ponytails are custom made to order; these items cannot be returned or exchanged.  Packages are inspected very carefully before being shipped out to ensure that you are receiving the best product(s) possible.


    Products are not pre-styled or cut.

    Products are natural colors, so the products can vary in shade.'s processing may take 5 business days to complete before shipping products.


    The customer will receive a tracking number once the product(s) are ready to ship. All packages shipped from are required to obtain your signature (signature confirmation) at the time of delivery with the mail carrier. If you are not available during the time of delivery, the mail service provider will leave you a notice for future delivery dates.

    By submitting an order with us here on you’re agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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